Founded in 1937, built to last.

In 1937 a group of sheet metal and roofing contractors decided to band together to form an Association that would strengthen their position in labor relation issues and develop a pool of expertise for the then emerging heating, ventilation and sheet metal industry. In 1965 the group incorporated to become Sheet Metal & Roofers Employers Association of Westchester, Inc. and in 1968 the Association officially changed its name to better represent their contractor members to Sheet Metal & Roofers Employers Association of Southeastern New York, Inc.

The Association is contractor driven. An elected Board of Directors from the contractor membership serves as the policy-making body. Each contractor has assured a voice in association business and the Association’s successes and strengths rest with the involvement of every contractor member. The contractors of 1935 knew, as Association members today know, that through communication and cooperation, mutual opportunities can be broadened and mutual problems can be solved. The result of this involvement and dedication is that architects, engineers, general contractors, developers and building owners can be confident that Association members offer unexcelled competency, efficiency, and skilled workmanship.

Throughout our history, our members have worked on almost every significant project in the region.

A. Alan Seidman, Executive Director

Dedication to professional excellence keeps Sheet Metal and Roofers Employers’ Association of Southeastern New York, Inc. and its member’s leaders in the construction industry today.

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