Armistead shows the benefits of 3D technology

Bryan Armistead is the Field Technology Support Specialist who oversees Virtual Design & Construction and Field Labor Coordinator for Armistead Mechanical, one of the most successful industrial piping contractors in the tri-state area and one of the largest employers of plumbers and pipefitters in New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.

With their affiliate companies, AMI Services, Inc. and Acorn Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Armistead, a near-century old family run business, provides customers with service and maintenance of their HVAC and plumbing systems.

Bryan shows that 3D laser makes it possible to quickly and accurately capture data from the physical world, essentially digitizing reality.

Armistead uses the laser scan to show how equipment can be moved from tight-fitting places.

Armistead shows a mechanical room prior to demolition and how it would look with the new equipment in place.


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