NY Senate Passes wage theft law that aids construction workers

The New York State Senate passed legislation on Wednesday to back New York’s construction workers in their fight against wage theft and help those seeking justice to navigate their claims against such crimes. The legislation holds contractors accountable and increases the likelihood that construction workers can secure the payments and collect the unpaid wages and benefits they are due.

Under the measure, general contractors could be held liable or even face civil violations if a subcontractor on a job site stiffs workers. Also, general contractors will gain new authority to oversee the books of subcontractors in order to better ensure that workers are being paid all-owed wages.

Union officials representing construction workers across the state have championed the measure as a way to hold unscrupulous contractors accountable.

“The passing of the new wage theft law in New York is a step in the right direction leveling the playing field for our local workers and allowing those who break the law to be held accountable,” said Orange County District Attorney Dave Hoovler who has  long fought to bring awareness to the issue of tax fraud and wage theft in the construction industry that costs Americans $8.4 billion.

Bill Sponsor, and Chair of the Senate Committee on Labor, Senator Jessica Ramos, said, “An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. Under the incredible leadership of our Senate Majority Leader, the New York State Senate is taking action to protect construction workers from the hundreds of millions of dollars that are stolen them every year by unscrupulous contractors and subcontractors—reaffirming the Senate Democratic Majority’s commitment to prioritizing the rights of workers across our state.”

The measure now goes to Gov. Cuomo’s desk for approval.

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