The Director’s Message | Spring 2023

The CCA Will Always Protect our Members

I believe that the Hudson Valley is special for so many reasons. As a “lifer” here in the Valley, I stay because I choose to. We have so much here to be thankful for and I could get philosophical and go on and on, but let me stay on point.

As I meet with other association executives from different regions at national conferences, I became aware and appreciative of the labor management relations we have here in the Hudson Valley.

Together we work on economic development issues to entice developers to use our members (both contractor members of our associations, as well as members of our local unions). Our associations and union leadership realize that we are one team and that the competition is made up of unscrupulous fly-by-nights, from out of state, who come and take our jobs. Then they don’t pay New York State taxes or insurances and disappear before NYS can get an investigator or inspector to the jobsite. These cheaters are our competition. 

We continue to promote our good work and community involvement of our members. We thank our public officials who focus on the cheating competition that don’t play by the rules and work to protect local businesses and workers. 

As a personal aside, I think Orange County District Attorney Dave Hoovler’s efforts to deal with our issues should be a model for every county in our state. 

Just as everyone is aware of internet and phone scams, we must continue to raise awareness of the deadbeats within our industry. They affect us all as producers and consumers.

Labor and the associations will continue to protect the opportunities for our members.

All best wishes, 

Alan Seidman
Executive Director

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