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Richard Savino


Richard Savino | Principal, Managing Partner

For over 157, Broadfield Insurance has been assisting business, like yours.

Our name “Broad” + “field” is a nod to the broad solutions we offer, and our original founders from Warwick NY, that started with insuring agriculture (hence “field”) risks, and the Main Street businesses that made up a community.

Today we insure business exposures coast to coast as a recognized top 100 brokerage firm.

Business insurance is not a single policy, but a review of your needs, and a collection of insurance policies to address the exposures of your business.  A Restaurant is different from a builder, who is different from a software developer. While each may need Workers Compensation insurance, or General Liability insurance, the policy terms and conditions for each is unique.

Every day you make decisions and calculate risk in order to make your business thrive and move forward. Business Insurance is not something you want to keep top-of-mind in your day. Simply, you want to purchase it and focus on other business matters. That is where Broadfield Group is at your service. Our motto is “Working Toward A Worry-Free World” for our clients.

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